Technical and organizational audit of radiotherapy services

  • Typical planning
    • Methodology: 2 days on site, equipment visit, interview with radiotherapists, physicists, dosimetrists and technicians specialized in electro-radiology
    • Analysis of the technical adequacy between the treatments, quality controls, equipment and the physics department professionals
    • Workflow analysis
    • Drafting of a report with recommendations
    • Negotiation of quotes with manufacturers
  • Report

  • Examples

Melun-Evreux Group

Support mission for the standardization of practices on the 2 sites
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Training for the implementation of innovative techniques

  • IMRT
  • VMAT
  • Intra and extra cranial stereotaxis

Repositioning techniques training

  • IGRT
  • Virtual Simulation
  • Mono-isocentric technics



  • Haute-Savoie Radiotherapy department : VMAT implementation (january, 2019)
  • Colmar Hospitals: implementation of stereotaxy (october 2019)

External radiophysicist

Linac Quality Control

  • Example

    • Amiens: achievement of internal quality controls
    • Performed during the week-end

Collaboration with IMEDIM

As POPM (french document for medical physics organization) referent physicist for the institution